20 years

Code of Practice


In many cases a template has very general requirements to be applied by a similar Business Team. A network of agents, professionals, franchises, can be certified with a standard (eg ISO9001: 2015) but the quality systems that will be developed and certified are so different that a minimum compliance is not guaranteed by all.

The development of a Code of Practice can be a tool for organizing, controlling & confirming a minimum of requirements. Requirements specific and not general, with procedures simple and understandable by all accompanied by inspection questionnaires with closed questions.A Code of Practice must incorporate legislative and regulatory requirements governing its development framework.

The Code of Practice can be developed by a single Health Organization if it wishes its operation to be recorded and there is the possibility of inspection that will confirm compliance with the organization and operation procedures. The Code of Practice can be a tool for organization and marketing, especially in cases where the Company / Companies wish to highlight their differentiation or the innovations they have incorporated in their operation.

Aristi Consultants has the know-how and experience of developing Code of Practice in Greece & abroad and can successfully undertake its development project, regardless of the Company that wishes to install and implement it.