20 years

ELOT 1429

Management Adequacy System for the Implementation of Co-financed Projects

Within the framework of the 4th Programming Period 2007-2013, the potential beneficiaries of co-financed projects must proceed to the Confirmation of their Management Adequacy. The aim is to improve the management and control systems of the operations carried out in the framework of the development interventions and the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF 2007-2013). With the implementation and maintenance of a Management Adequacy System, the aim is to achieve the objectives of the projects with the most efficient utilization of the available resources.

Aristi Consultants undertakes:

  • The design, compilation and submittion of the file for the confirmation of the Management Adequacy of the Beneficiary to the Competent Managing Authority.
  • To study and install a Project Management System according to the ELOT standard 1429:2008 which will be certified by a Certification Body approved by the Hellenic Accreditation System (SY.D) with the object: "Management adequacy of organizations for the implementation of public projects", for the Management Adequacy type A + B (projects with technical object, public procurement and services).

According to Law 3840/2010 (Government Gazette 53/31 March 2010) § 11.1, the Management Adequacy of the final beneficiaries is confirmed only by the 2 aforementioned methods.

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