20 years


Provision of Automated Registration Services in the Register of Medical devices of National Organization of Medicines (EOF)

Aristi Consultants offers the service "Automated Procedure for Registration of Medical devices in the GreMDIS register of National Organization of Medicines (EOF)".

Having now significant experience in the registration of products through the "Automated Procedure for Registration in the GreMDIS register of EOF" and the knowledge in the field of medical technology, Aristi Consultants has successfully registered on behalf of its clients over 15,000 products on the register of EOF, while it is in the process of posting an additional 7,000 products.

The Automated Entry application developed by Aristi, has the ability to manage a huge number of entries in a very short time compared to the manual entry, without errors, with full and detailed information of progress and with the ability to further process the submitted applications (monitoring, updating , modification) with significantly reduced additional costs.

Experience has shown us that in addition to the time required to register the species in the register, it also takes a long time (approximately about 4 weeks for about 1,500 products) for their approval by EOF and the acquisition of the GreMDIS code as it is attributed to the products after their control and not immediately upon registration.

The deadline for obtaining GreMDIS codes was 31/12/2019.

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