20 years

ISO 22000

Management System for Food Hygiene & Safety

The international standard ISO 22000 entitled Food Safety Management System is now the most widespread standard, which can be applied to all categories of food and beverage companies, involved (indirectly or directly) in the wider food production and distribution cycle.

Certification is not mandatory for food & beverage companies, it is mandatory to comply with the prescribed legal & regulatory framework. However, many companies seek certification either to meet the requirements of their clientele or in the context of their communication design. Our role is to record the existing infrastructure and functions, in order to highlight in time the amount of interventions and investments that must be planned and implemented so that there are no problems in the course of the project.

Our experience and know-how that we have developed over the years, allows us to approach even the most specialized case, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the chances that the Company will produce or manage low level food safety for the user / consumer.

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