20 years

Centers of Expertise


The acknowledgement of Public Health Care Units as Centers of Expertise for Rare and Complex Diseases is a relatively new process, aiming to promote the establishment of a European network of Doctors, Healthcare Settings (clinics and laboratories) for rare diseases. The ultimate goal is to gather knowledge about the rare disease, to create records of treatment protocols, to extract statistics on the course but also the treatment of the rare disease and diagnostic methods either using laboratory results and / or clinical evaluation.

Aristi Consultants has the knowledge and experience to support the candidate Center throughout the whole recognition process by preparing the appropriate documentation and offering support in the implementation of the required procedures. We have already collaborated for the acknowledgement and are collaborating with the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease Unit-General Hospital of Athens “Laiko”, the  Oncology - Hematology Unit - General Hospital of Athens "Alexandra", the 2nd Clinic of Skin Diseases-General Hospital “Papageorgiou”, the Renal and Children’s Clinics-University General Hospital of Ioannina and the 1st University Clinic of Aphrodisiac and Skin Diseases of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens “Andreas Syggros".